Have a Happy Labor (Day)!


Happy Labor Day everyone! In celebration of the hard working people, we also want to recognize all the mom’s out there! Being a mom is one of the most important “jobs” in this world, and too little do they get the thanks they deserve! So, Happy Labor Day to you too, moms! We wouldn’t be here without ya (literally)!

Mother’s have the wonderful task of giving birth, and although it may be an amazing time, it sure isn’t easy. Below are a few tips and tricks to jumpstart the process of labor and make it as smooth as possible. Check them out!

Eat Some Dates Studies have shown that women who ate dates regularly during their pregnancy had a very short labor and easy birth. Dates contain a compound that mimic the hormone oxytocin – responsible for causing those lovely contractions.

Evening Primrose Oil This oil can be taken in a gel capsule and is sworn to work by midwives and naturopathic doctors. The oil is supposed to help dilate the cervix and prepare the body for birth. It also helps in clearing up the skin, and easing pain on joints!

Take a walk! A nice, long walk is a great way to speed up the labor process. It has been said to help the baby drop and prepare for birth. Not only is it a stress reliever, but staying active during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do! Keeps the body in top shape, and if you do certain exercises (such as kegels) to strengthen your pelvic floor, giving birth will be a breeze! 

Pineapple Although there is no proof in the pineapple, doctors still recommend it for a labor stimulator and hey, many women have even said it works! Be careful not to eat too much because acid levels are high and can cause heartburn or an uncomfortable stomach.

Load up on the H2O! It is so important to stay hydrated during labor. Your body is working overtime and you need to keep those muscles and cells in tip top shape so they can do their job. Before, it was not recommended to drink fluids before/during labor, but now doctors and hospitals have actually seen less complications when women were properly hydrated. 

If you’re about ready to pop, try one or more of these strategies and let us know how it goes! Have a happy labor, and a Happy Labor Day! We appreciate you, moms!

Written by: Leana Varvella

Source: babble.com


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