Father’s Day Activities


With Father’s Day only a few days away, what better way to show Dad how much he is loved than by spending time with him and playing games.  Here are a few games and activities the entire family can play and can be done with kids of all ages!!

Competition With Dad

If Dad is just a bit competitive, but does his best to play nicely with the kids, on Father’s Day tell him it’s okay to play to win. Any game is fair play and whether it’s an intense game of checkers, chess, tennis, or soccer, the only requirement is that the kids are good losers when Dad does his victory dance.

Have A Picnic With Dad

If Dad never gets enough of the great outdoors, plan an outing to one of his beloved nature spots. Pack a picnic that includes Dad’s favorite sandwiches and side dishes. Remember to bring along a blanket large enough for the whole gang, and plan a few fun games for when you’re done eating such as catch, frisbee, or simply a good game of tag and tickle.

Cook With Dad

Do the kids enjoy mixing things up in the kitchen? If so, plan a cooking project that dad can do with them. You supply the ingredients, they make the mess, and you do the clean-up when they’re done. If you’re lucky, they may let you sample their creations. Good cooking projects for young children include dipping pretzels in melted chocolate, preparing a cookie dough mix and dropping the cookies on a baking sheet, mixing up a batch of pancakes and letting Dad wield the mighty spatula, creating homemade play dough which is a fun project to mix and play with after they’re done.

I Love Dad Game
The I Love Dad game brings the family together for a word game that challenges players and makes Father’s Day special for dad.

What You’ll Need:
Dictionary (optional)

Gather your family members together. Dad will be the audience. The first player says, “I love Dad with an A because he is so Athletic” (or whatever nice thing you want to say about Dad that starts with A.)
The next player repeats what the first player says and then says, “I love Dad with a B because he is so Brave” (or another word that starts with a B.)
Players keep repeating what has already been said and adding to it until they have gone all the way to Z. (When you get to the letter X, you can cheat a little and say something like “because he is so X-tra great.”)
You might want to have a dictionary handy, just in case. This will surely be one of the best shows Dad has ever seen.

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