Garden In A Glove


Are you looking for a creative way to get your little ones excited about growing their own herbs and veggies?  If so, this is a fun way to teach them about gardening while at the same time doing it in a way to catch their attention!

plastic gloves (kind used by food servers; nothing fancy)
permanent marker
5 cotton balls
5 seeds (5 different varieties is optimal but 5 of the same variety would work)
bread bag twist tie

How To:

1. Write the names of each variety of seed on each finger.
2. Moisten the cotton balls so they are just wet.
3. Place seeds on the cotton ball. (Choose the number of seeds based on the size of the seeds. For example, a bean probably only needs one seed while carrots several.)
4. Slide the seed and cotton ball into the labeled finger. Do this for each variety.
5. Gently blow air into the glove and twist to seal in the air. Wrap a twist bread bag tie around the end to keep it closed.
6. Place or hang the glove in a warm window and watch what happens.
7. Once the seeds have sprouted, you can cut off each fingertip and plant the cotton ball and new seedling in soil for further garden/plant learning.

Source: Full Circle Gardener

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