What Better Way To Enjoy Play Time Outdoors Than With A Nature Color Hunt?!?


With the warm weather finally here, our little ones want nothing more than to play outside most of the day.  You can use this time to turn play time into a learning experience as well by having a nature color hunt!!  The tray is easy to make and can be used several times! While children enjoy learning about colors in books, when they are actually able to apply their knowledge to real things that they can touch, it helps them retain the information!  Here is what you need to do.

1. Take an ice cube tray or egg carton and then take scissors to cute small squares of different colored construction paper or you can take acrylic paint and do the same thing to the bottom of each section in the carton.

2. For younger kids choose colors that you know they have a chance of finding a match. You can use primary colors that are easy to find outside and for the older children, you can add a few colors that might be more challenging.

3. Start finding things to match. Start off by choosing a color with your child and both go looking, if they have a hard time finding a match find one, and go to it but don’t announce you have found it, simply help guide them. If they still can’t pick up the object and have them match it in the tray.

4. Continue working together or if they prefer to work independently, just observe and see if there are specific colors they tend to have difficulty with so that you can work with them after.

5. After you have made all your matches, discuss what objects they found, what they are used for, how they feel, how they look, etc.  Turn the nature hunt into a true learning experience for everyone!

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